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Pink Floyd - French TV 1968-69


Categoria/Kind: concertos/concerts
Duração/Lenght: 66 min.
Filmagem/Recording: profissional/professional

Qualidade de imagem/Image quality: ótima/great
Qualidade de áudio/Audio quality: ótima/great (MP3; 128Kbps)
Ano/Year: 1968- 1969
Formato de vídeo/File: AVI (xvid)
Servidor/Host: MediaFire


Bouton Rouge (broadcast 24 feb 68):
Astronomy Domine
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
Let There Be More Light

Samedi Et Compagnie (broadcast 21 sep 68):
Let There Be More Light
Remember A Day

Tour En Scene (broadcast 26 nov 68):
Let There Be More Light

Surprise Partie (broadcast 31 dec 68):
Let There Be More Light

Forum Musiques (broadcast 15 feb 69):
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
A Saucerful Of Secrets


>>Download1<< (Pink Floyd - French TV 1.part1.rar/70MB)*link consertado*
>>Download2<< (Pink Floyd - French TV 1.part2.rar/46,97MB) *link consertado*

>>Download3<< (Pink Floyd - French TV 2.part1.rar/70MB)
>>Download4<< (Pink Floyd - French TV 2.part2.rar/48,88MB)

>>Download5<< (Pink Floyd - French TV 3.part1.rar/70MB)
>>Download6<< (Pink Floyd - French TV 3.part2.rar/29,32MB)

>>Download7<< (Pink Floyd - French TV 4.rar/61,59MB)

Clique na imagem para fazer o download da CAPA/Click on the picture to download the COVER:

3 comentários:

Felipe disse...

Recomendo q todos baixem.
Mais uma grande postagem do blog.

Carlos disse...

Excelente trabalho Poíesis, Po esse show é bom demais adorei muito.

Jim disse...

The dates and related information are most welcome, as (of course) are the files themselves. Other online video viewing options for this material tend to fail to give documentary data, so thank you very much. Nice site you have here. Am very happy to find more early European Floyd amterial, especially from vintage TV broadcasts. You're very kind.