domingo, 30 de agosto de 2009

Barbet Schroeder - More 1969 (Pink Floyd Soundtrack)


Categoria / Kind: filme / movie
Duração / Lenght: 111 min.
Filmagem / Recording: profissional / professional
Qualidade de imagem / Image quality: ótima / great
Qualidade de áudio / Audio quality: ótima / great (MP3; 128Kbps)
Idioma/Language: inglês / english
Legendas/Subtitles: português / portuguese
Ano / Year: 1969
Formato de vídeo / File: AVI (xvid)
Servidor / Host: MediaFire


"A dark tale based on a true story, follows the naive Stefen (Klaus Grünberg) in his pursuit of offbeat American Estelle (Mimsy Farmer) to the island paradise of Ibiza. He leads beauties and delights of LSD and nude sunbathing are fully revelead by Nestor Almendros' stunning photography - before succumbing to the destructive trappings of heroin addiction.

Famous for its subdued, moody Pink Floyd soundtrack, featuring some of the band's most spontaneous and ecletic work - including Green Is The Colour, Cymbaline, and The Nile Song - this is a must for hardcore Floyd fans.

'Tough, cansid stuff... a powerful movie about drugs, starring Mimsy Farmer as Estelle - one of the real baddies of all time' (The New York Times)"

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AstralKIBBY disse...

WoW! Great post! More is Such a great LP Is this just the movie parts with the floyd music? Or the entire film as well?