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Pink Floyd - Missing Pieces 1967-1994


Categoria/Kind: coletânea/compilation
Duração/Lenght: 70 min.
Filmagem/Recording: profissional/professional
Qualidade de imagem/Image quality: boa/good
Qualidade de áudio/Audio quality: ótima/great (MP3/128Kbps)
Ano/Year: 1967-1994
Formato de vídeo/File: AVI (xvid)
Servidor/Host: MediaFire


Early Years:
Die Junges Nachtwalder (Interstellar Overdrive)
Careful With That Axe, Eugene
GTK Interview
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
Storm (Film One)
Storm (Film Two)

Late Years:
Lie For A Lie
World Premiere - Learning To Fly
On The Turning Away
Various Advestisements

Berlin Wall:
Another Brick In The Wall (version 1)
Another Brick In The Wall (version 2)
Another Brick In The Wall (version 3)
Wall Concert Ad (Italian 1)
Wall Concert Ad (Italian 2)
Berlin Wall Ads (French)
Entertainment Tonight
Walden Woods

>>Download1<< (Pink Floyd - Missing Pieces 1.rar/91,34MB)

>>Download2<< (Pink Floyd - Missing Pieces 2.rar/91,65MB)

>>Download3<< (Pink Floyd - Missing Pieces 3.rar/91,22MB)

>>Download4<< (Pink Floyd - Missing Pieces 4.rar/91,17MB)

>>Download5<< (Pink Floyd - Missing Pieces 4.rar/42,55MB)

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