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David Gilmour - Concert Scenes 1985-2006


Categoria/Kind: coletânea/compilation
Duração/Lenght: 86 min. (Disc1); 100 min. (Disc2)
Filmagem/Recording: profissional/professional
Qualidade de imagem/Image quality: ótima/great
Qualidade de áudio/Audio quality: ótima/great (MP3;128Kbps)
Ano/Year: 1985-2006
Formato de vídeo/File: AVI (xvid)
Servidor/Host: MediaFire



Live Aid 1985 (with Bryan Ferry)

Slave To Love
Jealous Guy

Tribute to PETAS 1985 (with Paul McCartney, Ian Paice, Mick Green & Pete Wingfiel)
Devil Run
Honey Hush Run
Brown Eyed Handsome Man
No Other Baby
Try Not To Cry
Lonesome Town

Royal Albert Hall 1986 (Colombian Volcano Appeal)
Run Like Hell
Out Of Blue
Comfortably Numb


Blue Sued Shows (Stray Cats with David Gilmour)
Documentary (David Gilmour vs Roger Waters)
Running Up That Hill (David Gilmour and Kate Buch, 1987)
Smoke On The Water (Rock Aid Armenia, 1989)
Smoke On The Water Promotional Video (Rock Aid Armenia, 1989)
Interview (Weekend TV, 1990)
Interview (Later With Jools Holland, 2001)
One World, One Voice (Prmotional Video by Brian Ferry, 1990)
Is You Love Strong Enough
Unknown (With Jeff Baxter, 1991)
Look At That Girl (With John Martin, 1990)


>>Download1<< (David Gilmour - Concert Scenes 1 disc1.part1.rar/70MB)
>>Download2<< (David Gilmour - Concert Scenes 1 disc1.part2.rar/63,78MB)

>>Download3<<(David Gilmour - Concert Scenes 2 disc1.part1.rar/70MB)
>>Download4<<(David Gilmour - Concert Scenes 2 disc1.part2.rar/61,24MB)

>>Download5<< (David Gilmour - Concert Scenes 3 disc1.rar/16,16MB)

>>Download6<<(David Gilmour - Concert Scenes 4 disc1.part1.rar/75MB)
>>Download7<<(David Gilmour - Concert Scenes 4 disc1.part2.rar/67,46MB)

>>Download8<< (David Gilmour - Concert Scenes 5 disc1.part1.rar/65MB)
>>Download9<<(David Gilmour - Concert Scenes 5 disc1.part2.rar/59,51MB)


Deep End Live 1986
Won't Get Fooled Again
Give Blood
Behind Blue Eyes
After Fire
Night Train

Jools Holland's 5th Annual Holiday Hootenanny With B.B. King 1997
Unknown/Happy New Year
New Years Predictions
Eyesight To The Blind
Let Your Tear Fall Baby

Michael Parkinson Show BBC1 1999(with Paul McCartney)
Honey Hush
Loving Flame
All Shook Up


23 Years Later Quadrophenia - The Who Live in Hyde Park 1996
The Dirty Job
Love Reign O'er Me

On An Island Tour 2006
Dark Globe

Photo Music Video 2006
Island Jam

Kate Bush and David Gilmour
Love and Anger

The Pretty Things feat David Gilmour
She Says Good Morning

Live At Cavern Club 1996 (with Paul McCartney & Ian Paice)
Honey Hush
Blue Jean Bop
Bown Eyed Handsome Man
What It Is?
Losesome Town


>>Download1<< (David Gilmour - Concert Scenes 1 disc2.part1.rar/75MB)
>>Download2<< (David Gilmour - Concert Scenes 1 disc2.part2.rar/68,51MB)

>>Download3<< (David Gilmour - Concert Scenes 2 disc2.part1.rar/70MB)
>>Download4<< (David Gilmour - Concert Scenes 2 disc2.part2.rar/57,08MB)

>>Download5<< (David Gilmour - Concert Scenes 3 disc2.rar/13,14MB)

>>Download6<< (David Gilmour - Concert Scenes 4 disc2.part1.rar/75MB)
>>Download7<< (David Gilmour - Concert Scenes 4 disc2.part2.rar/65,72MB)

>>Download8<< (David Gilmour - Concert Scenes 5 disc2.part1.rar/75MB)
>>Download9<< (David Gilmour - Concert Scenes 5 disc2.part2.rar/71,58MB)

>>Download10<< (David Gilmour - Concert Scenes 6 disc2.rar/31,55MB)

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