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Roger Waters - Video Anthology


Categoria/Kind: coletânea/compilation
Duração/Lenght: 60 min.
Filmagem/Recording: profissional/professional
Qualidade de imagem/Image quality: ótima/great
Qualidade de áudio/Audio quality: ótima/great (MP3; 128Kbps)
Ano/Year: 1984-2003
Formato de vídeo/File: AVI (xvid)
Servidor/Host: MediaFire


CBS Records 1984:
5:01AM (The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking)
4:41AM (Sexual Revolution)
5:06AM (Every Strangers Eyes)

CMV Image Entertainment 1998:
Radio Waves
Sunset Strip
The Fish Report
Four Minutes
The Tide Is Turning

Polygram Records 1990 (Radio Vision promotional video for Berlin 1990):
Another Brick In The Wall (part2)

Sony Music Video 1992:
What God Wants (part 1)

Sony Music Video 1992:
Three Wishes

Image Entertainmente 2002 (from the film "The Legend of 1900):
Lost Boys Calling

Red Distribution (from the documentary "Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon Classic Album"):
Brain Damage

Amused To Death EPK
What God Wants (Performance)


>>Download1<< (Roger Waters - Video Anthology 1.part1.rar/70MB)
>>Download2<< (Roger Waters - Video Anthology 1.part2.rar/37,17MB)

>>Download3<< (Roger Waters - Video Anthology 2.part1.rar/55MB)
>>Download4<< (Roger Waters - Video Anthology 2.part2.rar/55MB)

>>Download5<< (Roger Waters - Video Anthology 3.part1.rar/55MB)
>>Download6<< (Roger Waters - Video Anthology 3.part2.rar/52.2MB)

>>Download7<< (Roger Waters - Video Anthology 4.rar/48,34MB)

>>Download8<< (Roger Waters - Video Anthology 5-6.rar/84.48MB)

Clique na imagem para fazer o download da CAPA/Click on the picture to download the COVER:

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