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Pink Floyd - Video Anthology 1966-1983


Categoria/Kind: coletânea/compilation
Duração/Lenght: ----
Filmagem/Recording: profissional/professional
Qualidade de imagem/Image quality: ótima/great
Qualidade de áudio/Audio quality: ótima/great (MP3; 128Kbps)
Ano/Year: 1966 -1983
Formato de vídeo/File: AVI (xvid)
Servidor/Host: MediaFire


London 66/67 (interstellar Overdrive)
Scene Special (Interstellar Overdrive)
Arnold Layne (promocional film)
Look Of The Week (Pow R Toc H, Astronomy Domine & interview with Roger Waters and Syd Barrett)
Pathe Newsreel (promotional film of The Scarecrow)
American Badstand (Apples and Oranges)
UK Central Office of Information (Jugband Blues)
Radio ET T1 Vision Belge (Astronomy Domine, Corporal Clegg, Set The Controls for The Heart of The Sun, Apples and Oranges, Paintbox, See Emily Play, The Scarecrow)
Bouton Rouge (Astronomy Domine, Flaming, Set The Controls for The Heart of The Sun)
Rome Goes Pop (Interstellar Overdrive)
All My Loving (Set The Controls for The Heart of The Sun


>>Download1<< (Pink Floyd - Video Anthology disc1.part1.rar/95MB)

>>Download2<< (Pink Floyd - Video Anthology disc1.part2.rar/95MB)

>>Download3<< (Pink Floyd - Video Anthology disc1.part3.rar/95MB)

>>Download4<< (Pink Floyd - Video Anthology disc1.part4.rar/95MB)

>>Download5<< (Pink Floyd - Video Anthology disc1.part5.rar/95MB)

>>Download6<< (Pink Floyd - Video Anthology disc1.part6.rar/74,59MB)

Tous En Scene (Let There Be More Light, Flaming)
Excerpts From European Television And Promotional Films (A Saucerful of Secrets, It Would Be So Nice, Let There Be More Light, Sysyphus)
An Hour With Pink Floyd (Cymbaline)
Point Me At The Sky (promotional film)
Stamping Ground (Set Te Controls for The Heart of The Sun, A Saucerful of Secrets)
Hakone Open Air Festival (Atom Heart Mother)
French Windows (One of These Days)
Crystal Voyager (Echoes)


>>Download1<< (Pink Floyd - Video Anthology disc2.part1.rar/100MB)

>>Download2<< (Pink Floyd - Video Anthology disc2.part2.rar/100MB)

>>Download3<< (Pink Floyd - Video Anthology disc2.part3.rar/100MB)

>>Download4<< (Pink Floyd - Video Anthology disc2.part4.rar/100MB)

>>Download5<< (Pink Floyd - Video Anthology disc2.part5.rar/100MB)

>>Download6<< (Pink Floyd - Video Anthology disc2.part6.rar/131,07KB)

Heart of The Sun (Set The Cotrols for The Heart of The Sun)
Superstars In Concert (Careful With That Axe, Eugene)
The Dark Side Of The Moon Concert Films (Time, Money, Us And Them, Brain Damage & Eclipse)
Welcome to The Machine (animated film)
Pigs On The Wing (pig-launch footage of the inflatable pig flying over Battersea Power Station)
Another Brick In The Wall (promotional film)
Pink Floyd The Wall in Concert (Comfortably Numb)
When The Tigers Broke Free (The Wall Movie)
The Final Cut Video EP UK (The Gunners Dream, The Final Cut, Not Now John, The Fletcher Memorial Home)

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Anônimo disse...

Agora tenho uma dúvida, são 3 discos, mas só tem links prá 2, estes 2 incluêm os 3 discos??

Poiética disse...

Não, os links para o disco 3 ainda não foram upados...


Vitor Amorim disse...

TODOS os links estão off!
Putz, esse é o único site que contém o Video Anthology! :/
Fora isso, blog nota 10, já tá nos favoritos!
Só tem reliquia aqui! *_*